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A growing set of data show that adults are quite good at accumulating statistical evidence across individually ambiguous learning contexts with multiple novel words and multiple novel objects (Yu and Smith, 2007; Fitneva and Christiansen, 2011; Kachergis et al., 2012; Yurovsky et al., under resubmission); experimental studies also indicate that infants and(More)
We present KnotPad, an interactive paper-like system for visualizing and exploring mathematical knots; we exploit topological drawing and math-aware deformation methods in particular to enable and enrich our interactions with knot diagrams. Whereas most previous efforts typically employ physically based modeling to simulate the 3D dynamics of knots and(More)
With advances in computing techniques, a large amount of high-resolution high-quality multimedia data (video and audio, etc.) has been collected in research laboratories in various scientific disciplines, particularly in social and behavioral studies. How to automatically and effectively discover new knowledge from rich multimedia data poses a compelling(More)
Simulated annealing (SA) algorithm is a popular intelligent optimization algorithm which has been successfully applied in many fields. Parameters' setting is a key factor for its performance, but it is also a tedious work. To simplify parameters setting, we present a list-based simulated annealing (LBSA) algorithm to solve traveling salesman problem (TSP).(More)