Yiwen Zhao

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The formation control of multiple vehicles using a perceptive frame is studied in this paper. The method is applied to multiple mobile robots. The controller design and lab experiments are shown in the paper. Some useful strategies of coordination are implemented in a perceptive frame by reference projections. The feature of the coordination is illustrated(More)
Traditional APF-based mobile robot path planning approaches posses an inherent problem which is the formation of local minimum that probably prevent robot from arriving at the target. In view of those considerations, an improved potential field function is proposed to settle this problem. The new method includes an improved attractive potential function and(More)
Lithium-ion battery is a kind of advanced sources and is a quite complex and nonlinear system comprised of interacting physical and chemical processes. Its state-of-charge (SOC)/ battery residual capacity (BRC), which is parameters to describe how much energy battery has, is key factors in applications; its estimations is an important and challenging task.(More)
When the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is popular in unknown environment, accurate estimation of SOC (state of charge) is becoming one of the primary challenges in autonomous mobile robots research. However, as defects of the extended Kalman filter (EKF) in nonlinear estimation, there exists estimated error, which affects the estimation accuracy, when it is(More)
BACKGROUND To define the sites where the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (LFCN) is more easily visualized and to describe the anatomical variations of the LFCN. METHODS A total of 240 LFCNs in 120 volunteers were evaluated with 18 MHz ultrasound; the intermuscular space between the tensor fasciae latae muscle and the sartorius was used as an initial(More)
This paper investigates real-time road detection for an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) to navigate in a campus environment. A novel vision system with two monocular cameras at different heights and angles is utilized to accomplish both road region detection and direction estimation tasks simultaneously. An Adaboost-based classifier is used in the road region(More)
A multifunctional myoelectric prosthetic hand is a perfect gift for an upper-limb amputee, however, the myoelectric control for a prosthetic hand is not so good now. Here, the paper presents a comparative study on electromyography (EMG) pattern recognition based on PCA and LDA for an anthropomorphic robotic hand. Four channels of surface EMG (sEMG) signals(More)
For stable landing motion control of biped robot, a new method using switching control is proposed. The biped robot is with Magenetorhelogical damper based soft driving package. Vibration often occurs in the landing phase of swing foot or unexpected contacting arising abruptly. The residual vibration arising from ground reaction force decreases the safety(More)
Mobile CARM is a more and more important device for spine surgery navigation. The accuracy of the intraoperative image has a huge influence on the surgery success rate. For the purposes to achieve the surgery, the image capture device should be modeled by an accurate method. This paper describes the problems of establishing the CARM model. By analysis the(More)