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This paper investigates the online scheduling problem on parallel and identical machines with a new feature that service requests from various customers are entitled to many different grade of service (GoS) levels. Hence each job and machine are labeled with the GoS levels, and each job can be processed by a particular machine only when the GoS level of the(More)
Drought is a major environmental stress limiting growth of perennial grasses in temperate regions. Plant drought tolerance is a complex trait that is controlled by multiple genes. Candidate gene association mapping provides a powerful tool for dissection of complex traits. Candidate gene association mapping of drought tolerance traits was conducted in 192(More)
BACKGROUND Adjuvant trastuzumab therapy has yielded conflicting results for overall survival, concerns about central nervous system (CNS) metastasis, and questions about optimal schedule. Therefore, we carried out a meta-analysis to assess the benefits of concurrent or sequential trastuzumab with adjuvant chemotherapy for early breast cancer patients with(More)
Effectiveness of MapReduce as a big data processing framework depends on efficiencies of scale for both map and reduce phases. While most map tasks are preemptive and parallelizable, the reduce tasks typically are not easily decomposed and often become a bottleneck due to constraints of data locality and task complexity. By assuming that reduce tasks are(More)
BACKGROUND Sulfotransferase (SULT) plays an important role in the formation of estrogen which is usually conferred as a risk factor for breast cancer. Polymorphism of the SULT1A1 may be closely associated with breast cancer. However, studies on the association between polymorphism and breast cancer have yielded inconsistent results. We performed a(More)