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The evolution of cyclopropenium ions into functional polyelectrolytes
The facile synthesis of a series of polymers and nanoparticles based on monomeric cyclopropenium building blocks incorporating various functional groups that affect physical properties are demonstrated, rendering this class of new materials as an attractive alternative to develop ion-conducting membranes. Expand
Clickable Poly(ionic liquids): A Materials Platform for Transfection.
A post-polymerization click reaction is reported that provides facile access to trisaminocyclopropenium (TAC) ion-functionalized macromolecules of various architectures, which are the first class of polyelectrolytes that bear a formal charge on carbon. Expand
Bandgap engineering through controlled oxidation of polythiophenes.
This approach demonstrates that modulating the backbone electronic structure of well-defined polymers, rather than varying the monomers, is an efficient means of tuning the electronic properties of conjugated polymers. Expand
Synthesis of Robust Surface-Charged Nanoparticles Based on Cyclopropenium Ions
We investigate synthetic strategies of cationic surface-charged nanoparticles using cyclopropenium-based (CP) monomers and block copolyelectrolytes (BCPEs) via surfactant-free emulsionExpand
A Rationally Designed Novel Polymer for Safe and Synergistic Delivery of High Dose Bortezomib, Pomalidomide/Lenalidomide, and Dexamethasone for Multiple Myeloma
A novel polymer enabling the controlled loading of multiple drugs at their optimal synergistic ratios is developed and demonstrated that the conjugation of the drug on the authors' polymer enables the safe delivery of a higher tolerated dose in the body compared to treatments using free drugs and provided improved in-vivo therapeutic outcomes. Expand