Yiu Ming Lai

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One common trick to cheat people to believe fake products or a high-return low-risk investment scheme in the online discussion groups is t0 make use of sock puppets (i.e., use different fake identities pretending to be different persons to praise or create the illusion of support for the product). A fundamental problem is how to identify these sock puppets.(More)
A family of fixed-frequency pulsewidth-modulation-based sliding-mode voltage controllers for DC–DC converters operating in the discontinuous conduction mode is proposed. The proposed topology is developed for buck, boost and buck–boost converters. Preliminary verification and evaluation of these controllers are performed through computer simulations using(More)
Sockpuppet are the fake identity used by some malicious users. In Wikipedia, there are number of sockpuppets present. Two different online accounts, belongs to the same person are called sockpuppet. Sockpuppets has become significant issues, in which one can have fake identity for some specific purpose or malicious use. Sockpuppet detection are based on(More)
In the field of information extraction and retrieval, binary classification is the process of classifying given document/account on the basis of predefined classes. Sockpuppet detection is based on binary, in which given accounts are detected either sockpuppet or non-sockpuppet. Sockpuppets has become significant issues, in which one can have fake identity(More)
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