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The potential energy surfaces (PESs) for internal rotation around the central single bond of nine silabutadienes, which include all possible mono-, di-, tri-, and tetrasilabutadienes, are investigated computationally by using DFT with the B3LYP functional and the 6-311+G(d,p) basis set. For 1-silabutadiene (3), 2-silabutadiene (4), 1,4-disilabutadiene (5),(More)
Vertical electronic transition energies of diaminosilylenes and their dimers (disilenes and nitrogen-bridged) were investigated by ab initio and density functional calculations. A good linear correlation was found between the observed UV transition energies of various silylenes and disilenes and those of model compounds calculated using the CIS and TD–DFT(More)
A theoretical prescription as to how to design allenic-type linear trisilaallenes and trigermaallenes is provided. Until now, all of the heavier group - 14 analogues of allene were found to be bent, unlike allene itself. DFT calculations show that linear trisilaallenes and trigermaallenes can be designed by using boryl substituents, e.g., (R2B)2E=E=E(BR2)2(More)
The stabilized silene 1,1-bis(trimethylsilyl)-2-adamantylidenesilane (4) has been generated by photolysis of a novel trisilacyclobutane derivative in various solvents and studied directly by kinetic UV spectrophotometry. Silene 4 decays with second-order kinetics in degassed hexane solution at 23 degrees C (k/epsilon = 8.6 x 10(-6) cm s(-1)) due to(More)
A theoretical quantum-mechanical study of trisilaallene, H2Si [Formula: see text] Si [Formula: see text] SiH2, and of 15 other Si3H4 isomers was carried out using ab initio and DFT methods with a variety of basis sets. Values given below are at B3LYP/6-31G(d,p). Unlike H2C [Formula: see text] C [Formula: see text] CH2 which is linear, H2Si [Formula: see(More)
The electronic structures and nature of silicon-chalcogen double bonds Si=X (X = O, S) with four-coordinate silicon in the unique silanoic silylester 2 and silanoic thioester 3 have been investigated for the first time, by (29)Si solid state NMR measurements and detailed DFT and ab initio calculations. (29)Si solid state NMR spectroscopy of the precursor(More)