Yisu Remy Wang

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Crosstalk between the microtubule (MT) and actin cytoskeletons is fundamental to many cellular processes including cell polarisation and cell motility. Previous work has shown that members of the growth-arrest-specific 2 (GAS2) family mediate the crosstalk between filamentous actin (F-actin) and MTs, but the molecular basis of this process remained unclear.(More)
In the recent few years, the UFH RFID systems which work in the frequency range between 860MHz and 960MHz have been widely adopted in real deployments and applications, and accordingly the EPC Gen-2 protocol is proposed as an international standard to resolve the tag collisions occurred in such system. In this paper, based on the stochastic distribution(More)
Although laziness enables beautiful code, it comes with non-trivial performance costs. The ghc compiler for Haskell has optimizations to reduce those costs, but the optimizations are not sufficient. As a result, Haskell also provides a variety of strictness annotations so that users can indicate program points where an expression should be evaluated(More)
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1 Overview TransformeR is a domain-specific language embedded in the R programming language for writing safe variable transformations within the PSI private data sharing interface. In this document, we present the integration of TransformeR within the PSI prototype and the language's grammar, statistical operations and type system. We also attach a list of(More)
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