Yisong Lv

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—Mutual information (MI) is a popular similarity measure for image registration, whereby good registration can be achieved by maximizing the compactness of the clusters in the joint histogram. However, MI is sensitive to the " outlier " objects that appear in one image but not the other, and also suffers from local and biased maxima. We propose a novel(More)
X-ray spectral imaging provides quantitative imaging of trace elements in a biological sample with high sensitivity. We propose a novel algorithm to promote the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of x-ray spectral images that have low photon counts. Firstly, we estimate the image data area that belongs to the homogeneous parts through confidence interval testing.(More)
—For nonrigid image registration, matching the particular structures (or the outliers) that have missing correspondence and/or local large deformations, can be more difficult than matching the common structures with small deformations in the two images. Most existing works depend heavily on the outlier segmentation to remove the outlier effect in the(More)
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