Yisi S Zhang

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Variable motor sequences of animals are often structured and can be described by probabilistic transition rules between action elements. Examples include the songs of many songbird species such as the Bengalese finch, which consist of stereotypical syllables sequenced according to probabilistic rules (song syntax). The neural mechanisms behind such rules(More)
How does brain coordinate physiological and behavioral responses to achieve survival in adverse environment is intriguing yet complicated. During studies of the small G protein Rac's role in learning and memory, the authors unexpectedly observed that neuronal expression of dominant-negative Rac in adult Drosophila remarkably enhanced the survival of animals(More)
The use of wireless neural stimulation devices offers significant advantages for neural stimulation experiments in behaving animals. We demonstrate a simple, low-cost and extremely lightweight wireless neural stimulation device which is made from off-the-shelf components. The device has low power consumption and does not require a high-power RF(More)
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