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We present two new tests for normality based on U–processes. These tests improve on the Lilliefors tests. We obtain the consistency and asymptotic null distribution of these tests. We present simulations of the power of these tests and of several classical tests for some fixed alternatives. These simulations show that the presented tests are competitive.
The process of vermicomposting with Eisenia fetida has been regarded as a viable solution to the frequent disposal and waste of used coffee grounds. The effects of coffee grounds on earthworms have yet to be fully understood. In a manipulative experiment with varying ratios of coffee grounds and earthworms, we investigate how the amount of coffee grounds(More)
Saw marks on bone have been routinely reported in dismemberment cases. When saw blade teeth contact bone and the bone is not completely sawed into two parts, bone fragments are removed forming a channel or kerf. Therefore, kerf width can approximate the thickness of the saw blade. The purpose of this study is to evaluate 100 saw kerf widths in bone produced(More)
The study of imine-bridged organics has been the one hot spot of photo-responsive material sciences in recent years. Herein we make a study of the synthesis, characteristics and potential application of N-(4-hydroxy-phenyl)-2-hydroxy-benzaldehyde-imine (HPHBI), C13H11NO2. The studied compound was synthesized in one step by the condensation reaction of(More)
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