Yisheng Yuan

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A soft switching three-transistor push-pull(TTPP)converter is proposed in this paper. The 3rd transistor is inserted in the primary side of a traditional push-pull converter. Two primitive transistors can achieve zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) easily under a wide load range, the 3rd transistor can also realize zero-voltage-switching assisted by leakage(More)
In this paper, a novel zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) push-pull high-frequency-link (PPHFL) single-phase inverter is proposed, which consists of a primary-side converter with three power switches S<sub>1</sub>~S<sub>3</sub>, high-frequency isolation transformer, cycloconverter, and LC filter circuit. First, the evolution process and the switching strategy of(More)
A new front-end converter has been developed by the authors to make full use of the bulk capacitor energy to extent the hold-up time. The converter operates in the power factor correction (PFC) mode whe the ac line is normal and then switches into the hold-up boost dc-dc converter mode during the hold-up time as soon as the ac line is faulty. The theory of(More)
This paper introduces a novel structure of Modular multilevel converter (MMC) with a coupled and center-tapped inductance, and its operating principle is elaborated. The upper and lower bridge arms are strictly symmetric, therefore, their fundamental currents are in anti-phase, and then it turns out that the voltages on inductances are significantly reduced(More)
A new LCL resonant DC-DC converter topology is presented in which the resonant LCL components are located at the primary side of the push-pull converter. The power switches of the push-pull converter operate in turn at an approximately fixed frequency. The resonant frequency is set to even times of the switching frequency. Primary MOSFET switches achieve(More)
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