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We detected seven QTLs for 100-grain weight in sorghum using an F 2 population, and delimited qGW1 to a 101-kb region on the short arm of chromosome 1, which contained 13 putative genes. Sorghum is one of the most important cereal crops. Breeding high-yielding sorghum varieties will have a profound impact on global food security. Grain weight is an(More)
Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells have become an attractive cell source for periodontal ligament regeneration treatment because of their potential to engraft to several tissue types after injury. Most researchers have focused on the transplantation process, but few have paid attention to cell safety concerns and rapid proliferation before(More)
The increasing consumption of regenerated cellulose, in particular the viscose fiber, has led to a significant development of dissolving pulps in the last decade. In this review paper, the current status of dissolving pulp with respects to raw materials, manufacturing processes, and some key issues are discussed. Non-wood materials and the process concept(More)
Hemicelluloses removal is highly desirable in many biomass processes, including the pretreatment steps of the bioconversion for ethanol production, production of high-quality dissolving pulps. In this study, a sequential treatment consisting of pulp fractionation, followed by caustic treatment to remove hemicelluloses from a softwood sulfite pulp, was(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the mechanism underlying the mechanism of odontogenic differentiation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMMSCs) induced by periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs), and offer an experimental evidence for the combination of the two types of stem cells to make regenerative periodontal complex. METHODS By means of(More)
The objective of this study is to explore the application possibility of chitosan/pcDNA-EGFP-TGFPbeta1 nanoparticles in the transfection of synovial-derived mesenchymal stem cells (SDMSCs). Chitosan/pcDNA-EGFP-TGFbeta1 nanoparticles were fabricated through method of ionic crosslinking. The SDMSCs were harvested from rabbit joints and cultured to passage 3.(More)
Hemicelluloses removal is a prerequisite for the production of high-quality cellulose (also known as dissolving pulp), and further recovery and utilization of hemicelluloses, which can be considered as a typical Integrated Forest Biorefinery concept. In this paper, a process of combined mechanical refining and cold caustic extraction (CCE), which was(More)
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