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E-mail is the most commonly used network application which has become an important way of network communication. The research of content-based spam filtering technology is a key problem of the Internet security field. The paper described a spam filtering which was based on the Naive Bayesian algorithm and designed a spam filtering model based on the naive(More)
A more and more enterprises using Web services to accelerate its own development. At this point, how to network in an open application environment, guard the confidentiality of their data, resources are more and more concern for people, network security has become the network an integral part of the building. This paper introduces the architecture of(More)
The continue demands of internet and email communication has creating spam emails also known unsolicited bulk mails. These emails enter bypass in our mail box and affect our system. Different filtering techniques are using to detect these emails such as Random Forest, Naive Bayesian, SVM and Neural Network. In this paper, we compare the different(More)
Aiming at the inherent uncertain problems in motor fault diagnosis, in this paper we propose a new kind of motor fault diagnosis method, which utilize the parallel Bayesian network and D-S evidence theory based on multi-source information fusion technique. Firstly, the set of motor fault features is divided into multiple fault sub-spaces and each fault(More)
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