Yirui Cong

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—In a mobile ad hoc network (MANET), effective prediction of time-varying interferences can enable adaptive transmission designs and therefore improve the communication performance. This paper investigates interference prediction in MANETs with a finite number of nodes by proposing and using a general-order linear model for node mobility. The proposed(More)
This paper studies online transmission policies for an energy harvesting transmitter. Unlike the existing online policies which more or less require the knowledge on the future behavior of the energy and data arrival processes, we consider a practical but significantly more challenging scenario where the energy and data arrival processes are assumed to be(More)
—This paper studies a wireless network consisting of multiple transmitter-receiver pairs where interference is treated as noise. Previously, the throughput region of such networks was characterized for either one time slot or an infinite time horizon. We aim to fill the gap by investigating the throughput region for transmissions over a finite time horizon.(More)
—This paper investigates the offline packet-delay-minimization problem for an energy harvesting transmitter. To overcome the non-convexity of the problem, we propose a C2-diffeomorphic transformation and provide the necessary and sufficient condition for the transformed problem to a standard convex optimization problem. Based on this condition, a simple(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, the recent developments on distributed coordination control, especially the consensus and formation control, are summarized with the graph theory playing a central role, in order to present a cohesive overview of the multi-agent distributed coordination control, together with brief reviews of some closely related issues including(More)
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