Yirong Zou

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Some evidence has been found that malignant breast tumors have lower electrical impedance than surrounding normal tissues. Although the separation of malignant tumors from benign lesions based on impedance measurements needs further investigation, electrical impedance could be used as an indicator for breast cancer detection. In this paper, we provide a(More)
The objective of this study is to develop a phonocardiogram (PCG) acquisition and analysis instrument using virtual instrumentation technology and investigate its Internet-based application. The PCG instrument was developed using a Pentium 200 computer, a data acquisition board, and a two-channel custom designed bio-signal preamplifier. LabVIEW was used to(More)
Keywords: Non-destructive testing Radiographic image sequence Weld defect Automatic detection Kalman filtering a b s t r a c t A method based on Kalman filtering is proposed for weld defect detection in real-time radiographic NDT of spiral pipes. The existence of the image noises and the inhomogeneity of the background contrast induce numerous false alarms.(More)
During the complex path workpiece welding, it is important to keep the welding torch aligned with the groove center using a visual seam detection method, so that the deviation between the torch and the groove can be corrected automatically. However, when detecting the narrow butt of a specular reflection workpiece, the existing methods may fail because of(More)
Medical whole-body positron emission tomography (PET), one of the most successful molecular imaging technologies, has been widely used in the fields of cancer diagnosis, cardiovascular disease diagnosis and cranial nerve study. But, on the other hand, the sensitivity, spatial resolution and signal-noise-ratio of the commercial medical whole-body PET systems(More)
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