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In this paper, a class of two-dimensional shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks with time-varying delays and variable coefficients as following system $$ \frac{{d}x_{ij}}{{d}t}=L_{ij}(t)-a_{ij}(t)x_{ij}-\sum_{C_{kl}\in N_r(i,j)}c_{ij}^{kl}(t)f_{kl}(x_{kl}(t-\tau_{kl}(t)))x_{ij}$$ is studied, which every cell has its own signal transmission function.(More)
Integrability and linearizability of polynomial differential systems are studied. The computation of generalized period constants is a way to find necessary conditions for linearizable systems for any rational resonance ratio. A method to compute generalized period constants is given. The algorithm is recursive and easy to realize with computer algebraic(More)
In this paper, we study the algorithm of focus quantities and saddle quantities of a real planar autonomous differential system. Two linear recursion formulas for computation of quantities of singular point are obtained. Using the recursion formulas to compute focus quantities or saddle quantities of a real planar autonomous differential system, we need(More)