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This study aimed to assess the likelihood of an outbreak or epidemic of emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) in Shaoxing city, China, and its resulting impact to provide decision makers with quantitative, directive results. Factors related to the risk of EIDs were selected through meeting with experts and were arranged in a hierarchical structure. These(More)
BACKGROUND In February 2009, a high school student was diagnosed with sputum-smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). One year later, 2 other students in the same grade developed sputum-smear positive TB. METHODS We used tuberculin skin testing (TST), chest radiography, sputum smear, and symptomatology for case identification. We defined latent TB(More)
Evidences in respect to the predictors of suicide ideation are uncertain and most associations only have been identified in cross-sectional studies. More information is needed to identify whether these predictors are true risk factors and can predict the development of suicidal ideation independently. Using the data from a prospective, longitudinal study (n(More)
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