Yiren Xu

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This paper presents a new stereo vision-based model for multi-object detection and tracking in surveillance systems. Unlike most existing monocular camera-based systems, a stereo vision system is constructed in our model to overcome the problems of illumination variation, shadow interference, and object occlusion. In each frame, a sparse set of feature(More)
Bispecific antibodies have emerged in recent years as a promising field of research for therapies in oncology, inflammable diseases, and infectious diseases. Their capability of dual target recognition allows for novel therapeutic hypothesis to be tested, where traditional mono-specific antibodies would lack the needed mode of target engagement. Among(More)
Image verification has been widely used in numerous web-sites to prevent them from batch registration or automated posting. One category of the image verification is generated by adding noise into character or digit images to make them hard to be recognized by Optical Character Recognition (OCR). In this paper, we propose a novel probability gradient(More)
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