Yirang Lim

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The performance of energy detection under multipath fading is analyzed and compared with locally optimal detection using Pitman's asymptotic relative efficiency. Under the L-tap finite impulse response channel model with zero-mean independent and identically distributed tap coefficients, it is shown that the average performance loss of energy detection is(More)
In this paper, the loss of energy detection compared with optimal sensing caused by neglecting signal correlation due to multipath fading is considered. The loss factor or relative performance of energy detection compared with optimal sensing is analyzed using Pitman's asymptotic relative efficiency (ARE) which is defined as the ratio of the required number(More)
We fabricated a single-layered film consisting of spherical micelles of diblock copolymers and one-dimensional Au nanorods that were surface modified with the same polymer as the corona block of the copolymers. When the diameters of micelles were larger than the lengths of the nanorods, spherical micelles arranged in a hexagonal configuration surrounded by(More)
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