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[1] Eleven cloud cases through marine stratus, obtained during two field experiments in the North Atlantic Ocean, are used to study the sensitivity of cloud droplet nucleation to the vertical gust velocity. Selected cloud microphysical data, size-distributed aerosol properties and particle chemistry are applied in an adiabatic parcel model. The nucleated(More)
This work examines the influences of relative dispersion (the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean radius of the cloud droplet size distribution) on cloud albedo and cloud radiative forcing, derives an analytical formulation that accounts explicitly for the contribution from droplet concentration and relative dispersion, and presents a new approach(More)
INTRODUCTION Enamel demineralization and gingival inflammation are the most prevalent consequences of biofilm formation in orthodontics. Our hypothesis was that educating patients about the severe consequences of biofilm accumulation could enhance their oral hygiene while wearing fixed appliances. METHODS This study was designed as a randomized controlled(More)
Mobile smartphones are increasingly used worldwide and play an essential role in the mobile Internet today for green communications and networks. Smartphones have been used as a cost-effective method to sense and monitor mobile cellular networks, e.g., network coverage, mobile traffics, and Quality-of-Experience of subscribers. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Despite the importance of precipitation and moisture transport over the Tibetan Plateau for glacier mass balance, river runoff and local ecology, changes in these quantities remain highly uncertain and poorly understood. Here we use observational data and model simulations to explore the close relationship between summer rainfall variability over the(More)
With the dense deployment of low power node such as Internet of Things (IoT), indoor localization is growing rapidly, has gained a lot of interests in commercial applications. This paper proposes an Iterative Weighted KNN (IW-KNN) indoor localization method based on RSSI (Receive Signal Strength indicator) of the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), which has a low(More)
The aerosol effects on clouds and precipitation in deep convective cloud systems are investigated using the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model with the Morrison two-moment bulk microphysics scheme. Considering positive or negative relationships between the cloud droplet number concentration (Nc) and spectral dispersion (o), a suite of sensitivity(More)
In wireless cellular system, due to the convergence of user behavior, there usually exists some typical scenarios which exhibit different traffic patterns, e.g. stadium, campus and central business district (CBD). Accurate traffic scenario recognition and analysis will lead to more efficient resource management and better QoS (quality-of-service) provision.(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in teeth have been exploited as vital seed cells for stem cell-based dental medicine. To date, several mesenchymal stem cell populations originated from odontogenic tissue have been isolated and characterized by their expression of MSC surface markers and capacity of multi-lineage differentiation, including dental pulp stem(More)
BACKGROUND Development is an epigenetic regulation dependent event. As one pre-transcriptional regulator, bivalent histone modifications were observed to be involved in development recently. It is believed that histone methylation potentially takes charge of cell fate determination and differentiation. The synchronous existence of functionally opposite(More)
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