Yiran Peng

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OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that young people's esthetic perception of dentition midline deviation or the threshold below which they find the deviation "acceptable" depends on the gender and face type of the person with the deviation and the gender of the evaluator. MATERIALS AND METHODS Facial images of six young subjects with three different face(More)
Despite the importance of precipitation and moisture transport over the Tibetan Plateau for glacier mass balance, river runoff and local ecology, changes in these quantities remain highly uncertain and poorly understood. Here we use observational data and model simulations to explore the close relationship between summer rainfall variability over the(More)
Tooth development relies on sequential and reciprocal interactions between the epithelial and mesenchymal tissues, and it is continuously regulated by a variety of conserved and specific temporal-spatial signalling pathways. It is well known that suspensions of tooth germ cells can form tooth-like structures after losing the positional information provided(More)
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