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Endoscopic resection of colonic submucosal tumors (SMTs) is challenging and carries a high risk of perforation. In this prospective pilot study we aimed to evaluate the feasibility, safety, and efficacy of endoscopic full-thickness resection of colonic SMTs. The study enrolled 19 consecutive patients with colonic SMTs 3 cm in size or smaller. In 18 of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Terfenadine, cisapride, and E-4031, three drugs that prolong ventricular repolarization, were selected to evaluate the sensitivity of the conscious chronic atrioventricular node--ablated, His bundle-paced Dog for defining drug induced cardiac repolarization prolongation. A novel predictive pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model of repolarization(More)
Defects in insulin secretion and/or action contribute to the hyperglycemia of stressed and diabetic patients, and we hypothesize that failure to suppress glucagon also plays a role. We examined the chronic impact of glucagon on glucose uptake in chronically catheterized conscious depancreatized dogs placed on 5 days of nutritional support (NS). For 3 days(More)
PURPOSE ZD55-MnSOD is an E1B 55 kDa-deleted replication-competent adenovirus and armed with the therapeutic gene MnSOD. The expression of the therapeutic gene MnSOD increases with the selective replication of the oncolytic adenovirus (ZD55) so that ZD55-MnSOD has more significant activity than the replicate defective adenovirus Ad-MnSOD in vitro and in(More)
In response to chronic (5 days) TPN, the liver becomes a major site of glucose disposal, removing approximately 45% (4.5 mg.kg(-1).min(-1)) of exogenous glucose. Moreover, approximately 70% of glucose is not stored but released as lactate. We aimed to determine in chronically catheterized conscious dogs the time course of adaptation to TPN and the glycogen(More)
A gene therapy-based treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus requires the development of a surrogate beta cell that can synthesize and secrete functionally active insulin in response to physiologically relevant changes in ambient glucose levels. In this study, the murine enteroendocrine cell line STC-1 was genetically modified by stable transfection. Two(More)
The liver is a major site of glucose disposal during chronic (5 day) total parenteral (TPN) and enteral (TEN) nutrition. Net hepatic glucose uptake (NHGU) is dependent on the route of delivery when only glucose is delivered acutely; however, the hepatic response to chronic TPN and TEN is very similar. We aimed to determine whether the route of nutrient(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the regulatory effects of established Chinese herbal formulas on inflammatory mediators released during asthma attacks, and to elucidate the molecular mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of asthma. METHODS Seventy-five asthmatic children were randomly divided into a Chinese medication group (45 cases) and a(More)
BACKGROUND Although gastric glomus tumors are usually benign lesions, occasional malignant transformation has been reported. Thus, complete resection of the gastric glomus tumor is necessary. OBJECTIVE To provide a better understanding of the endoscopic features of this rare entity with an emphasis on its diagnosis and treatment. DESIGN Retrospective(More)