Yiqun Zhang

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The decision tree induction learning is a typical machine learning approach which has been extensively applied for data mining and knowledge discovery. For numerical data and mixed data, discretization is an essential pre-processing step of decision tree learning. However, when coping with big data, most of the existing discretization approaches will not be(More)
In this paper, a MISO control method based on separating feedbacks for the mechanisms with flexible components is presented. The method efficiently uses the model information to carve up the feedbacks into two separated sub-control routes, the rigid influence control route and flexible influence control route. Then it makes use of a combination control(More)
Traditional hierarchical clustering (HC) methods are not scalable with the size of databases. To address this issue, a series of summarization techniques, i.e. data bubbles (DB) and its improved versions, have been proposed to compress very large databases into representative seed points suitable for subsequent hierarchy construction. However, DB and its(More)
The purpose of work in this paper is to present an approach for lowering impact in the deployment of hoop truss deployable space antennas. An optimization method is used to reduce the peak value of deployment angular acceleration with trajectory planning of driving cable by Bezier curves. Design variables and constraints of the optimization problem are(More)
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