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Inflammatory response plays an important role not only in the normal physiology but also in the pathology such as cancers. 7b, a novel naphthalimide-based DNA intercalator, has exhibited anti-inflammatory effects in phorbol12-myristate 13-acetate/phytohemagglutinin (PMA/PHA)-induced inflammatory responses of Jurkat T cells in our previous study. Here, we(More)
The E2F1 gene well known is its pivotal role in regulating the entry from G1 to S phase, while the salvage antitumoral pathway which implicates it, especially in the absence of p53, is not fully characterized. We therefore attempted to identify the up- and down-stream events involved in the activation of the E2F1-dependent pro-apoptotic pathway. For this(More)
Selenium analogues (4b-4h, and 4j) of two known sulfur compounds were synthesized and tested their anticancer activities. The selenium compound 4b had comparable activity with its sulfur analogue 4a, while DNA-binding study showed these two compounds had similar interaction with ct-DNA, the K(b) was 8.23 and 2.36, respectively. The primary results showed(More)
One water-soluble polysaccharide (Marsdenia tenacissima polysaccharide, MTP), with an average molecular weight of 4.9 × 10(4) Da, was isolated from the dried rattan of M. tenacissima. MTP contained 93.8% carbohydrates, 5.6% proteins and 21.3% uronic acid, and were composed of arabinose, mannose, galactose, xylose, glucuronic acid at a molar ratio of 9.1,(More)
Attenuated strain TTVAC7, as a multi-gene-deleted vaccinia virus Tiantan strain (VTT), was constructed by knocking out parts of non-essential genes related to virulence, host range and immunomodulation of VTT, and by combining double marker screening with exogenous selectable marker knockout techniques. In this study, shuttle vector plasmids pTC-EGFP,(More)
In this paper, a novel micro force sensor in the micro friction testing apparatus is designed and analyzed. The sensor is fabricated using the parallel plate-spring. It consists of two groups of springs, one is horizontally parallel and the other is vertically. Thus, it can be used to measure the normal and friction force simultaneously. The sensor has low(More)
The arms of the Automatic Inspection Robot For High-Voltage Transmission Line are treated as flexible body considering the elastic deformation. The dynamic analysis is performed by using ANSYS and ADAMS. The stress and strain distributions are obtained, which can be used in the further error and structure analyses of the robot system.
In this study, experiments are carried out to evaluate the characteristics of micro cutting of polycrystalline metals material using a high speed machine tool with cubic boron nitride (CBN) tool inserts. The cutting forces were measured using a three-component dynamometer, the machined workpiece surfaces and the chip formation were examined using a scanning(More)
Microparts are widely used for aerospace, medical and other special industries. Due to the limitation of cutting tools and processing technology, and cost a lot, it is difficult to machining for conventional mechanical process especially for the micro holes in the materials with high strength and hardness. Yet it is a highly efficient machining process(More)
An attenuated vaccinia virus-MVTTEAB-was constructed by deletion of non-essential gene segments related to the immunomodulatory and virulence functions of the vaccinia virus Tiantan strain (VVTT). The shuttle plasmids pTC-EGFP, pTE-EGFP, pTA35-EGFP, pTB-EGFP, and pTA66-EGFP were constructed and combined with the early and late strong promoter pE/L and EGFP(More)