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This paper analyzes the control performances of the triple-phase-shift (TPS) control and the operating mode of bidirectional full-bridge DC-DC converter under this control. Then the corresponding mathematical model of the converter is established and the related power characteristics are also analyzed. Moreover, the related formulas of the converter under(More)
A new Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) based on the Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Converter (HCMC-STATCOM) is presented in this paper for the sake of decreasing the number, size and stored energy of the capacitors used in the STATCOM. The HCMC-STATCOM is comprised of one conventional three-phase two-level converter and one Wave-shaping Circuit (WSC)(More)
In this paper, the asymptotic tracking and disturbance rejection algorithm is revisited. It is applied in voltage source converter controller design to realize steady-state error when the reference is a sinusoidal signal. Detailed design procedures are also developed and described. Circuit level simulations are carried out, and results show the(More)
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