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As the rapid development of sensing and mapping techniques, it becomes a well-known technology that a map of complex environment can be generated using a robot carrying sensors. However, most of the existing researches represent environments directly using the integration of point clouds or other low-level geometric primitives. It remains an open problem to(More)
It became a well known technology that a map of complex environment containing low-level geometric primitives (such as laser points) can be generated using a robot with laser scanners. This research is motivated by the need of obtaining semantic knowledge of a large urban outdoor environment after the robot explores and generates a low-level sensing data(More)
In our previous work, we reported a system that monitors an intersection using a network of horizontal laser scanners. This paper focuses on an algorithm for moving-object detection and tracking, given a sequence of distributed laser scan data of an intersection. The goal is to detect each moving object that enters the intersection; estimate state(More)
It becomes a well-known technology that a low-level map of complex environment containing 3D laser points can be generated using a robot with laser scanners. Given a cloud of 3D laser points of an urban scene, this paper proposes a method for locating the objects of interest, e.g. traffic signs or road lamps, by computing object-based saliency. Our major(More)
Ferroptosis is a novel form of cell death, which is characterized by accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Sigma 1 receptor (S1R) has been suggested to function in oxidative stress metabolism. Both erastin and sorafenib significantly induced S1R protein expression. Haloperidol strongly promoted erastin- and sorafenib-induced cell death, which was(More)
Statistical similarity measurements, such as mutual information (MI) and normalized mutual information (NMI), show potential in the registration of 2D-image to 3D-range scans collected in urban environments. However 2D-3D registration with these measurements are of limited usage in urban sensing applications because: 1) it relies on the diversity and(More)
There have been many researches on moving object detection and tracking. There are also great needs in trajectory analysis and scene modeling so that to provide higher knowledge to surveillance and ITS application for decision making. However in crowded environment, trajectory data sets obtained through online processing contain many broken, group and(More)
The study of traffic behavior at intersections is an important research direction in the field of intelligent transportation system (ITS). It is considered very practical to reduce accident, solve traffic jam and improve its accessibility. This paper proposed a trajectory analysis method for vehicles passing an intersection. The motion trajectories of(More)
Liver transplantation is the most effective treatment for advanced liver disease, but its application is restricted. Cell therapy provides a fresh approach for treating liver cirrhosis. The immunological superiority and stem cell characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from bone marrow, umbilical cord, adipose tissue, or dental tissues might allow(More)
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