Yipin Zhang

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Due to high functional variety, wide power rating range, and relatively low product volumes, electronic systems for industrial application are difficult to economically be integrated on a chip. This paper presents the smart power gate array (SPGA), a novel application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) platform exactly aimed at enabling cost-efficient(More)
A novel, high-voltage (HV) to low-voltage (LV) linear level-shifting cell using only one DMOS Transistor and two resistors is presented. Its infinite input resistance, wide receiving range and linear HV-to-LV level-shifting characteristics make it very suitable to build CMOS/DMOS mixed-voltage receiver circuits for industrial applications. Based on the new(More)
A novel P2P algorithm and Unit Tree-based Breadth First Search (UTBFS) algorithm are proposed in this paper. The characteristic of algorithm in this paper are as follows: 1) putting forward the idea of unit tree spanning algorithm.2) Integrating unit tree spanning algorithm with Breath First search, and making an analysis of its performance in terms of time(More)
2 This paper presents a novel, low-cost single chip solution optimized for the integration of industrial electronic systems with low to medium production volumes, where both analog/mixed-signal and smart power capabilities are required , by using the novel high-voltage structured ASIC, a hybrid integration of low-voltage structured ASIC and smart power(More)
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