Yipeng Gao

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Drastically different two-phase microstructures have been reported for alloy epitaxial films, including self-organized nanoscale concentration modulations of vertical and lateral stripes. To understand the disparity of these microstructures, we study their formation mechanisms via spinodal decomposition during film deposition with the aid of computer(More)
Extensive efforts have been made in searching enhanced functionalities near the so-called morphotropic phase boundaries (MPBs) in both ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials. Due to the exchange anti-symmetry of the wave function of fermions, it is widely recognized that the exchange interaction plays a critical role in ferromagnetism. As a quantum(More)
The morphotropic phase boundary (MPB), which is the boundary separating a tetragonal phase from a rhombohedral phase by varying the composition or mechanical pressure in ferroelectrics, has been studied extensively for decades because it can lead to strong enhancement of piezoelectricity. Recently, a parallel ferromagnetic MPB was experimentally reported in(More)
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