Yip Benjamin

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BACKGROUND Elevated serum creatine phosphokinase (CPK)MM level is frequently found in acute psychosis. Theories relate this CPKemia to psychomotor agitation and medication. We hypothesized that psychosis-related CPKemia observed in individual patients is relatively consistent. METHODS Ninety psychotic patients were studied; 83% were schizophrenics (Brief(More)
The psychological reactions of 259 female and 130 male medical and surgical patients were examined. Both when they were discharged and when they were followed up 12 months later, women who received crisis intervention counseling during their hospitalisation showed the predicted psychological gains when compared with non-counseled women. They expressed fewer(More)
This study evaluated the effects of a hospital-based counseling service on the physical recovery of surgical and medical patients. Their recovery was measured in terms of days on antibiotics, days to return to normal temperature, normal pulse and oral intake, and days on intravenous (IV) feeding. The effects of the sex, age, seriousness of physical problem,(More)
This article concerns the application of a general systems concept to the health care system. A system consists of a set of interacting components which are interrelated and interdependent, and function as a unit. In order to identify some of the significant influences on the patient who has been hospitalized, this general systems concept has been applied(More)
Three crisis intervention programmes were implemented on the basis of prior research and observation with patients in a general hospital. Programme 1 had been designed to decrease their anxiety and depression, programme 2 to decrease their indirectly expressed anger and increase anger which was directly expressed, and programme 3 to decrease the feelings of(More)
of background data The height velocity (HV) is traditionally utilized to provide information of the longitudinal linear growth potential and subsequently to guide the design of treatment strategy. The existence of distal-to-proximal growth gradient in adolescents, however, has made scoliosis surgeons wonder whether SV provides superior information to HV in(More)
Mourning and reminiscence are therapeutic processes common in therapeutic work with the elderly. However, a theoretical explanation of why they are effective has been lacking. Personal construct theory accounts for both in terms of the search of elderly persons for validation of their construct systems. In this article, this explanation of the parallel(More)
Short-term personal construct therapy was implemented with a group of elderly people, and its effects on their psychological states evaluated using content analysis scales. The states of these elderly were compared with those of two groups, one of well-functioning elderly and the other a group of elderly who were matched with the psychotherapy group for(More)
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