Yiorgos I. Bontzios

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Three dimensional (3D) integration attempts to keep Moore’s Law effectively in the years to come. Through-siliconvias (TSV) processes offer a step towards 3D integration. In this work, the aspects of inductors in the TSV technologies are studied. Various TSV inductor topologies are examined both theoretically and by means of numerical simulations. As(More)
A new model for calculating capacitive and resistive coupling is developed in this work and its implementation in commonly encountered practical cases is presented. The model is based on the geometry of the coupling mechanism and is therefore, in general, scalable and technology independent, while pure 3D effects, like capacitive coupling, are fast and(More)
In this work a new exact formula for determining the substrate resistance and capacitance is presented. For the formula analytical results of the Laplace equations of equivalent problems are exploited. Both simulation and measurement data are utilized in order to show the validity of the proposed formula. The measurement data are obtained from a fabricated(More)
A new lumped model fully compatible with SPICE-like simulators is proposed in this work. The model is scalable, technology independent and can unify predict both capacitive and inductive coupling effects. It is validated up to 60 GHz by means of two commercial EM simulators.