Yinying Xiao-Li

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We propose highly nonlinear slot waveguides with flat and low dispersion over a wide wavelength range. Si nano-crystal and chalcogenide glass are considered as slot materials. Over a 244-nm bandwidth, dispersion of 0+/-0.16 ps/(nmxm) is achieved in a silicon nano-crystal slot waveguide, with a nonlinear coefficient of 2874 /(Wm). The As(2)S(3) slot(More)
We propose a slot-waveguide with high dispersion, in which a slot waveguide is coupled to a strip waveguide. A negative dispersion of up to -181520 ps/nm/km is obtained due to a strong interaction of the slot and strip modes. A flat and large dispersion is achievable by cascading the dispersive slot-waveguides with varied waveguide thickness or width for(More)
We demonstrate tributary channel data grooming of high-speed signals using second-order nonlinearities in a PPLN waveguide. 16 TDM tributary channel data traffic grooming/exchange between two 160-Gbit/s WDM signals is shown with a penalty of ∼4dB.
We report the phase-transparent optical data exchange based on non-degenerate FWM in an HNLF via theoretical analysis and experimental verification. 40-Gbit/s NRZ-DPSK data exchange is demonstrated with a power penalty (at 10<sup>-9</sup>) &#x223C; 4.5 dB.
We present a design of a slot waveguide in which the core layer is orthogonally slotted to form a rectangular sub-core. While the overall guiding and coupling efficiency remains the same as a conventional slot waveguide, the field confinement is enhanced and appears two-dimensional. The waveguiding is controllable by selecting the intermediate index as well(More)
We report tributary channel data traffic grooming/exchange of pol-muxed DPSK signal based on Kerr-induced nonlinear polarization rotation. 8 tributary channel data grooming between two pol-muxed 80-Gbit/s DPSK channels is demonstrated with a penalty of &lt;4 dB.
The high-contrast gratings assisted hollow-core waveguide demonstrates an ultra-low nonlinearity (&#x003C;6&#x00D7;10<sup>-13</sup> /W/m). Digital and analog system-level simulations further show that the waveguide does not introduce any observable nonlinearity-induced penalty.
A silicon slotted ring resonator with flattened dispersion in the cavity is proposed to produce uniform spectral lines in on-chip frequency comb generations. Standard deviation of the free spectral range is improved by 250 times as compared to a strip waveguide in the same size.
Vertically-slotted waveguides are used to achieve low nonlinearity. Compared with strip waveguide, it demonstrates a &#x003E;25&#x00D7; reduction in the nonlinear coefficient for a 100-nm wavelength range.