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The formal methods for security protocols guarantee the security properties of protocols. Instantiation Space Logic is a new security protocol logic, which has a strong expressive power. Compositional Logic is also a useful security protocol logic. This paper analyzes the relationship between these two logics, and interprets the semantics of Compositional(More)
Video information hiding and transmission over noisy channels leads to errors on video and degradation of the visual quality notably. In this paper, a video signal fusion scheme is proposed to combine sensed host signal and the hidden signal with quantization index modulation (QIM) technology in the compressive sensing (CS) and discrete cosine transform(More)
  • Yinyin Xiao
  • 2013 International Conference on Computational…
  • 2013
We propose a computational semantics for a previously developed protocol security logic, Logic of Local Sessions (LLS), replacing its earlier symbolic semantics based on the Dolev-Yao model. With the new semantics, the protocol verification of LLS is more close to the real execution, while the proofs can still be carried out at a symbolic level using the(More)
Diffie-Hellman (DH) symmetric encryption plays an important role in the network security, and the security proof for many protocols relies on the DH assumption. The Logic of Local Sessions (LLS) is a practical security protocol logic. With its automatic tool Security Protocol Verifier (SPV), LLS can verify many interesting properties for complex security(More)
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