Yinyan Hu

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Cochlear hair cells are a terminally differentiated cell population that is crucial for hearing. Although recent work suggests that there are hair cell progenitors in postnatal mammalian cochleae, isolation and culture of pure hair cell progenitors from a well-defined cochlear area have not been reported. Here we present an experimental method that allows(More)
Preventing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) by antioxidants is based on the hypothesis that generation of reactive oxygen species is one of the causes of NIHL. alpha-Tocopherol is a naturally occurring antioxidant with no noticeable side effects. In this study, we attempted to protect guinea pigs from developing NIHL by administering alpha-tocopherol.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the molecular basis of the voltage-gated Ca2+ channel (VGCC) which controls the afferent synaptic neurotransmitters release in inner hair cell and their cellular expression. METHOD In this study we used different and complementary approaches to determine which types of 4 subunits of VGCC were expressed in the organ of Corti. (More)
OBJECTIVE To observe whether bFGF could cross the blood-labyrinth barrier (BLB) after intra-abdominal injection and to establish an experimental basis for its clinical applications. METHOD Thirty guinea pigs were divided into three groups. Animals in group 1 were administered o I-bFGF, while animals in group 2 and 3 were administered 125 and saline,(More)
OBJECTIVE To detect the expression of Aquaporin-1,3 in the cochlea and endolymphatic sac of guinea pig. METHOD Two-step immunohistochemical method and immunofluorescence was used to examine the expression of Aquaporin-1,3. RESULT Aquaporin-1 was expressed on the basilar part of spiral ligament, basal membrane of Corti's organ and epithelialis of scala(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the method for isolating greater epithelial ridge by use of thermolysin digestion combined with dissection under microscope. METHOD The basement membrane prepared from postnatal day 0 to postnatal day 3 rat was placed into D-Hanks solution with thermolysin and DNase, then incubated at 37 degrees C for 25 minute and dissected under(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the expression of cationic stearylamine (SA) liposome mediated basic fibroblast growth factor/green fluorescence protein (bFGF/GFP) gene in the cochlea of guinea pig, and evaluate the protection and rescue action of bFGF against the damage caused by gentamicin. METHODS Thirty-six guinea pigs were divided into 3 experimental groups.(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the expression of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the cochlea of guinea pig, and assess the activity of BDNF in spiral ganglion cell following the damage of noise. METHODS Twenty-seven guinea pigs were exposed to a 4 kHz narrow band noise at 135 dB SPL for 4 hours. At seven days after the noise exposure, twelve guinea pigs(More)
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