Yinyan Hu

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Cochlear hair cells are a terminally differentiated cell population that is crucial for hearing. Although recent work suggests that there are hair cell progenitors in postnatal mammalian cochleae, isolation and culture of pure hair cell progenitors from a well-defined cochlear area have not been reported. Here we present an experimental method that allows(More)
Preventing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) by antioxidants is based on the hypothesis that generation of reactive oxygen species is one of the causes of NIHL. alpha-Tocopherol is a naturally occurring antioxidant with no noticeable side effects. In this study, we attempted to protect guinea pigs from developing NIHL by administering alpha-tocopherol.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the molecular basis of the voltage-gated Ca2+ channel (VGCC) which controls the afferent synaptic neurotransmitters release in inner hair cell and their cellular expression. METHOD In this study we used different and complementary approaches to determine which types of 4 subunits of VGCC were expressed in the organ of Corti. (More)
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