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Transit as a high efficiency method to solve the congestion problem has been put forward a very long time. Aiming at improving the transit schedule adherence as well as the transit priority efficiency, this paper presents a coordinated optimization model for Transit Signal Priority (TSP) under the environment of Connected Vehicle. The model focuses on the(More)
A supercritical coal-fired power generating unit is a typical multi-variable strong coupling system with large time-delay, slow time-variant and nonlinear characteristics, so it is of vital significance to study its operation characteristic by means of modeling method, and improve the coordinated control quality with model-based advanced intelligent control(More)
Most of the industrial control loops are multivariable control loops, so the control system performance evaluation is the major study of multivariable control system. The combustion control system of power unit is a typical multivariable control system, which is used to guarantee the economy and safety of the boiler. This paper presents a kind of(More)
Upper bound of efficiency loss is a valuable issue for transport network design and planning. This paper initially explores it in a taxed stochastic traffic network whose equilibrium flow pattern is deduced by a cross-nested Logit (CNL) flow assignment model, and a centrally controlling Stackelberg strategy. With the assumptions of separability,(More)
The research on the coordinated control system of ultra-supercritical coal-fired (USC) power unit is usually based on a kind of mathematical model, which is used to test the correctness of the design concept and the effectiveness of the control strategy. If the mathematical model cannot reflect the intrinsic nature of the controlled object, the simulation(More)
Neural tube defects (NTDs) are common, severe congenital malformations. The association between single nucleotide polymorphisms of the VANGL1 gene and NTDs in a Han population of Northern China was principally studied. Missense single nucleotide polymorphisms (rs4839469 c.346G > A p.Ala116Thr and rs34059106 c.1040A > C p.Glu347Ala) of the VANGL1 gene were(More)
Various signal priority models have been proposed for different types of special vehicles (e.g. emergency vehicles or buses). However, they are generally difficult to be compatible for each other and fail to be used in one road network. In this paper, a cooperative optimization model is proposed to process concurrent priority requirements in traffic signal(More)
The nonlinear characteristics is an important factor that influences the control system performance, it is a valuable work in the domain of control system performance monitor to diagnose the nonlinear characteristics and its scale of the control system. For the superheated steam temperature control system of the thermal power generation unit, this paper(More)
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