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Superelastic behavior of in-situ eutectic-reaction manufactured high strength 3D porous NiTi-Nb scaffold
Abstract NiTi-Nb porous shape memory scaffold was in-situ sintered by eutectic reaction using NiTi powder, Nb powder and Ti wire at 1180 °C. Ti2Ni and Ni4Ti3 phases are precipitated between theExpand
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Multi-Scale Surface Treatments of Titanium Implants for Rapid Osseointegration: A Review
The propose of this review was to summarize the advances in multi-scale surface technology of titanium implants to accelerate the osseointegration process. The several multi-scaled methods used forExpand
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A multi-scale simulation method to predict delamination and adhesion force in UV-nanoimprint lithography
Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) provides a low cost process for nano-pattern mass production. Polymer filling and de-molding processes determine the quality of the imprinted pattern in NIL. InExpand
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High throughput roller type nano-pattern transfer technique on both rigid flexible substrates and mold deformation analysis under atmospheric imprint environment
This paper provides a roller type nano-pattern transfer process, which is based on UV nanoimprint lithography, for nano-patterning on both rigid and flexible substrates. By using UV-curable polymerExpand
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Sub-100 nm Patterning Process and Adhesion Force Simulation in UV-Nanoimprint Lithography
This paper provides a nano-scale simulation model to study the UV nanoimprint lithography. Simulation of molecular dynamic is used to calculate the interfacial stress between the mold andExpand
Soft Mold Nanoimprint: Modeling and Simulation
Due to the shrinkage in size of many handheld electronic devices such as smartphones and laptop computers, packaging of a large number of components within a limited size chip becomes a challengingExpand
Hard mold UV nanoimprint lithography process
Low temperature and low pressure nano-pattern fabrication process is presented. Hard mold UV nanoimprint lithography, processed by SUSS MicroTec MA6, was used for sub-100nm pattern fabrication. TheExpand
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