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PURPOSE Though highly desirable in radiologic procedures, low-dose CT (LDCT) images tend to be severely degraded by quantum noise and non-stationary artifacts. The purpose of this paper is to improve the abdominal LDCT images by the approach of Weighted Intensity Averaging over Large-scale Neighborhoods (WIA-LN). MATERIALS AND METHODS In the(More)
Most of today's web content is designed for human consumption, which makes it difficult for software tools to access them readily. Even web content that is automatically generated from back-end databases is usually presented without the original structural information. In this paper, we present an automated information extraction algorithm that can extract(More)
Rice is one of the major crops of southern China and Southeast Asia. Rice paddies are one of the largest agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) sources in this region because of the application of large quantities of nitrogen (N) fertilizers to the plants. In particular, the production of methane (CH4) is a concern. Investigating a reasonable amount of(More)
The x-ray exposure to patients has become a major concern in computed tomography (CT) and minimizing the radiation exposure has been one of the major efforts in the CT field. Due to plenty high-attenuation tissues in the human chest, under low-dose scan protocols, thoracic low-dose CT (LDCT) images tend to be severely degraded by excessive mottled noise and(More)
Tomographic reconstruction from noisy projections do not yield adequate results. Mathematically, this tomographic reconstruction represents an ill-imposed problem due to information missing caused from the presence of noise. Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) or Bayesian reconstruction methods offer possibilities to improve the image quality as compared with(More)
Chinese city-level data indicate that differences in growth rates are far more severe at this level than indicated in previous studies which typically use data at higher levels of aggregation. Using city-level data for 206 cities during 1989 to 1996, we estimate a variety of growth equations. A major finding is that while the policy of awarding a special(More)
Please cite this article in press as: Li, Y., et a doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2010.05.014 A service-oriented travel portal is proposed to realize a classic business model with SOA paradigm. It provides tourists with composite travel packages through dynamic composition among travel-related services from distributed providers and across business domains. Further, a(More)