Yinqiu Wang

Raymond C. Harris2
Ming-Zhi Zhang2
2Raymond C. Harris
2Ming-Zhi Zhang
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Event-triggered control approaches of networked control systems are motivated by applications of embedded microprocessors with limited computation and storage resources . This paper investigates an event-triggered consensus control scheme with random switching directed topologies and time-varying transmission delay in a general class of networked control(More)
Figure 6. Renal proximal tubule CSF-1 protected against the development of chronic kidney injury after I/R-induced AKI Both CSF-1 f/f and γ−GT Cre:CSF-1 f/f mice were uninephrectomized, immediately followed by unilateral I/R with renal artery clamping for 31 min, and sacrificed 4 weeks later. (a) CSF-1 deletion in proximal tubule led to increased renal(More)
The cytochrome P450 epoxygenase-dependent arachidonic acid metabolites, epoxyeicosatrienoic acids (EETs), are potent survival factors and mitogens for renal epithelial cells, but the molecular identity in the cells that initiates the mitogenic signaling of EETs has remained elusive. We screened kidney cell lines for the expression of G-protein-coupled(More)
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