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Formation flying orbit design is one of the key technologies for system design and performance analysis of the distributed SAR satellites. The approximately analytic solution of the passive stable formation flying orbit elements is explored based on the expansion form of Kepler’s equation. A new method of orbital parameters design for three-dimensional(More)
In this paper, the information theory is utilized to evaluate the jamming effect on SAR. Entropy could reflect the spatial detail information, and cross entropy could show the divergence and discrimination information of the two kinds of probability distribution. We investigated the cross entropy and presented the improved cross entropy as an index to(More)
—Ionosphere exploration is very important to improve the performance of space information systems, e.g. satellite navigation. A novel of spaceborne nadir-looking Single Input and Multiple Output (SIMO) HF-SAR is investigated, which has the capability to generate three-dimensional radar image for the topside ionospheric irregularities. The three-dimensional(More)