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In this paper, we address on-demand routing protocols by focusing on Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol and Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol in Wireless Mesh Network (WMN). We use the OPNET to establish the simulation models of DSR and AODV protocols in WMN. Simulation and results show that, DSR protocol based on dynamic source(More)
The fiber-wireless (FIWi) access network not only leverages the technical merits of wireless and optical access networks, but also provides a potential opportunity for the design of survivable access networks. Previous works have studied the survivability of FiWi access network against network component failure by means of backup fiber deployment and(More)
Abstract—Hybrid fiber-wireless (FiWi) networks, which benefit from high bandwidth and ubiquitous access of optical and wireless networks, have been identified as a promising technology candidate for next-generation broadband access. As various component/fiber failures may occur in hybrid FiWi networks, thus affecting huge numbers of end users, survivability(More)
Taking into account the broadcast characteristic of wireless medium and high-throughput demand in Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs), a novel Coding and Interference Aware Routing (CIAR) protocol has been proposed in this paper. In the proposed CIAR protocol, routing decisions are made aware of both coding gains and interference impact. Based on the physical(More)
Cloud-integrated fiber-wireless (FiWi) networks inheriting advantages of optical and wireless access networks have a broad prospect in the future. As various component failures may occur in cloud-integrated FiWi networks, survivability is becoming one of the key important issues. It is necessary to provide survivability strategies for cloud-integrated FiWi(More)