Yinong Li

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Simulating basin surface water flow with anisotropic roughness has practical significance. Based on the complete hydrodynamic model, a two-dimensional surface water flow model of basin irrigation with anisotropic roughness was developed in this study by constructing an anisotropic roughness model in the source terms of the governing equation. Then, the(More)
  • Yb Ma, M Fields, Cp Sun, Fy Zhang, Jc Liao, Y Li +2 others
  • 2006
A simple solution to mixing problems in micro fluidic systems was presented in this paper. A T-form microfluidic mixer was designed and tested utilizing pressure disturbances. The performance of the mixer was studied through both numerical simulation and experimentation. Based on results of numerical simulation, more than 75% mixing can be finished within a(More)
The two-dimensional zero-inertia equations for basin irrigation were formulated as a standard scalar diffusion equation subject to Neumann boundary conditions. The formulation can handle anisotropic variations in hydraulic resistance. A numerical solution was developed using finite-volume method on unstructured triangular cells. The simulation performance(More)