Yinmei M. Zhu

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Five seasonal vegetables from three growing sites in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, were studied for the levels of four chlorobenzenes(CBs): o-dichlorobenzene (o-DCB), p-dichlorobenzene (p-DCB), m-dichlorobenzene (m-DCB), and 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene (1,2,4-TCB). Samples of each vegetable from each site were subdivided into leaves, stems, and roots, and(More)
A field experiment located in TaiHu Lake Basin in China was conducted, by application of superphosphate or a mixture of superphosphate with manure, to elucidate the interception of P export during a typical rice growing season through 'zero-drainage water management' combined with sound irrigation, rainfall forecasting and field drying. P concentrations in(More)
Based on the Landset TM information of land use/cover change and greenbelt distribution in Hangzhou city in 1994 and 2004, and by using CITYgreen model, this paper estimated the eco-service value of urban greenbelt in the city under the effects of land use change and economic development. The results showed that in the 10 years from 1994 to 2004, the(More)
Nonpoint-source pollution by phosphorus (P) poses a threat to waters in the Taihu Lake basin in China. The potential transfer of P in rice (Oryza sativa L.) fields through surface drainage and subsurface flow was investigated under simulated conventional irrigation-drainage management. Surface drainage events were conducted to avoid overflow across the(More)
The objective of this study was to assess the chemicals-induced apoptosis effects on fish lymphocytes and to use the QSAR model to interpret the relationships between apoptotic effects and chemical structures to identify the immune toxicology mechanism. By the use of a simple in vitro toxicological assay, the measured apoptotic parameter (EC50) is used in a(More)
A special rice field experiment was conducted to investigate the characteristic and mechanism of phosphorus (P) loss potential in subsurface runoff from rice field. Teflon Suction Cups (TSC) were inserted into tested plots in 15-20 cm in the rice field for water sampling dynamically. The range of molybdate reactive phosphorus (MRP) in sub-surface runoff(More)
Supported by Blackland GRASS Geographic Information System (GIS), the basic and special environmental databases of West Lake Watershed were established. The vulnerability map of ground water pollution was calculated and drawn by integrating GIS and DRASTIC model. Comparing to the present situation of land use, critical area of ground water pollution had(More)
The feasibility of diffusible sampler for monitoring SO2 in cantonal Hangzhou was studied, and its correlation equation with automatic monitoring was built. The distribution and variation of SO2 concentration in Hangzhou were analyzed and mapped. Position of SO2 concentration centre was changed along with different climate condition. SO2 concentration(More)
Different sources of nitrogen pose diverse effects to algal community, but the mechanism of inhibitory effects of nitrogen sources on freshwater diatoms is not fully understood. The purpose of this study was to compare biomass, photosynthetic activity, and morphological structure of three common freshwater diatoms (Cyclotella meneghiniana, Nitzschia sp.,(More)
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