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Climate changes and trends in phenology and yields of field crops in China, 1981-2000
Abstract A warming trend has become pronounced since the 1980s in China and is projected to accelerate in the future. Concerns about the vulnerability of agricultural production to climate change areExpand
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Optimal recovery of single disk failure in RDP code storage systems
Modern storage systems use thousands of inexpensive disks to meet the storage requirement of applications. To enhance the data availability, some form of redundancy is used. For example, conventionalExpand
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Cooperative Recovery of Distributed Storage Systems from Multiple Losses with Network Coding
This paper studies the recovery from multiple node failures in distributed storage systems. We design a mutually cooperative recovery (MCR) mechanism for multiple node failures. Via a cut-basedExpand
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Coding-Based Data Broadcast Scheduling in On-Demand Broadcast
According to data broadcast, we can satisfy multiple requests for the same data item in a broadcast tick. However, there is no significant breakthrough in performance improvement until recently thatExpand
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Adaptation of agriculture to warming in Northeast China
Northeast China comprises Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning Provinces, with a total area of 790,000 km2 and a population of about 107 million. Northeast China, located at relatively high latitudes,Expand
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Minimum-energy all-to-all multicasting in wireless ad hoc networks
A wireless ad hoc network consists of mobile nodes that are powered by batteries. The limited battery lifetime imposes a severe constraint on the network performance, energy conservation in such aExpand
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STT-RAM based energy-efficiency hybrid cache for CMPs
Modern high performance Chip Multiprocessor (CMP) systems rely on large on-chip cache hierarchy. As technology scales down, the leakage power of present SRAM based cache gradually dominates theExpand
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Distributed Cooperative Rate Adaptation for Energy Efficiency in IEEE 802.11-Based Multihop Networks
In this paper, we study the problem of using the rate adaptation technique to achieve energy efficiency in an IEEE 802.11-based multihop network. Specifically, we formulate it as an optimizationExpand
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Remote sensing of crop production in China by production efficiency models: models comparisons, estimates and uncertainties
Regional estimates or prediction of crop production is critical for many applications such as agricultural lands management, food security warning system, food trade policy and carbon cycle research.Expand
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Climate change and critical thresholds in China’s food security
Identification of ‘critical thresholds’ of temperature increase is an essential task for inform policy decisions on establishing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission targets. We use the A2 (medium-high GHGExpand
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