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We have tested the effectiveness of polyethylene glycol (PEG) to restore the integrity of neuronal membranes after mechanical damage secondary to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) produced by a standardized head injury model in rats. We provide additional detail on the standardization of this model, particularly the use and storage of foam bedding that(More)
The iridescent colors observed on objects such as optical disks are caused by light diffraction from their surface microstructure. We show that when an optical disk is illuminated by a light source it typically displays a major highlight strip of colors diagonally across the disk, consisting of saturated colors that vary along the strip, and a pair of weak(More)
A common observation about confocal microscopy images is that lower image stacks have lower voxel intensities and are usually blurred in comparison with the upper ones. The key reasons are light absorption and scattering by the objects and particles in the volume through which light passes. This report proposes a new technique to reduce such noise impacts(More)
A new spectral representation called the composite model is proposed. Its key point is to decompose all spectra into a smooth background and a collection of spikes. The smooth part can be represented by Fourier coefficients and a spike by its location and height. In this paper, the sufficiency of a low-dimensional representation is shown analytically based(More)