Yinliang Diao

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A novel symmetrical coupled-line circuit structure without patterned ground plane is proposed to design tight-coupling high-directivity couplers, which would be found in numerous applications in a microstrip RF front end because of its simple structure and inherent excellent compatibility. Based on a traditional even- and odd-mode technique, closed-form(More)
Radiation from mobile phones inside vehicles, which are semiopen metallic enclosures with irregular shapes and apertures, has been a major concern and has warranted investigation in past years. In this paper, the specific absorption rate (SAR) induced in mobile phone users inside a vehicle was evaluated using different scenarios, including handedness,(More)
This article investigates the effect of gaze angle on the specific absorption rate (SAR) and temperature rise in human eye under electromagnetic exposures from 0.9 to 10 GHz. Eye models in different gaze angles are developed based on biometric data. The spatial-average SARs in eyes are investigated using the finite-difference time-domain method, and the(More)
This article investigates variations in specific absorption rate and temperature rise in human eye caused by changes in palpebral fissure, the extent of opening between eyelids, under GHz plane-wave electromagnetic (EM) exposures. Detailed human head models with different palpebral fissure features were developed with a refined spatial resolution of 0.25(More)
In this paper, the specific absorption rates (SAR) evaluation in the scenarios of passengers using different wireless communication devices inside a vehicle is evaluated. The effects of the devices with different operational frequencies 900MHz/1.8GHz/2.4GHz, and different seating locations on the SARs are investigated. A computer simulation for SAR(More)
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