Yinlan Ruan

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Plasma etching to As2S3 thin films for optical waveguide fabrication has been studied using a helicon plasma etcher. The etching effects using the processing gases or gas mixtures of O2, Ar, and CF4 were compared. It was found that the O2 plasma had no chemical etching effect to the As2S3, but it could oxidize the surface of the As2S3. The Ar plasma(More)
We report the fabrication and characterization of rib chalcogenide waveguides produced by dry etching with CF4 and O2. The high index contrast waveguides (Deltan ~1) show a minimum propagation loss of 0.25 dB/cm. The high refractive nonlinearity of 100 times silica in As2S3 allowed observation of a pi phase shift due to self-phase modulation of an 8 ps(More)
Glass microstructured optical fibers have been rendered biologically active for the first time via the immobilization of antibodies within the holes in the fiber cross-section. This has been done by introducing coating layers to the internal surfaces of soft glass fibers. The detection of proteins that bind to these antibodies has been demonstrated(More)
The detection of quantum-dot labeled proteins is demonstrated within lead silicate soft glass microstructured optical fibers using near infrared light. The protein concentration is measured using a new fluorescence capture approach. Light guided within the fiber is used both to excite and collect fluorescent photons, and the detection limit achieved without(More)
We report a fully integrated, passive, all-optical regenerator capable of terabit per second operation, based on a highly nonlinear chalcogenide (As2S3) glass rib waveguide followed by an integrated Bragg grating bandpass filter. We demonstrate a clear nonlinear power transfer curve with 1.4 ps optical pulses, capable of improving the signal-to-noise ratio(More)
Integration of conductive materials into optical fibres can largely expand functions of fibre devices including surface plasmon resonator/metamaterial, modulators/detectors, or biosensors. Some early attempts have been made to incorporate metals such as tin into fibres during the fibre drawing process. Due to the restricted range of materials that have(More)
A general model of excitation and fluorescence recapturing by the forward and backward modes of filled microstructured optical fibers (MOFs) is presented. We also present experimental results for both backward and forward fluorescence recapturing within a MOF as a function of fiber length and demonstrate a good qualitative agreement between the numerical(More)
A large phase shift of 4.7pi at 1.53 microm has been observed from a low-loss (0.2 dB/cm), small-core As2S3 waveguide fabricated by dry etching. The strength of the nonlinear response was limited by photosensitivity and photocrystallization of the As2S3 films at 1.53 microm, far below the material bandgap.
High index Er-Yb codoped tellurite spheres with diameter of 9 μm and good sphericity were fabricated using a CO(2) laser. Upconversion modulated whispering gallery modes with a quality factor of 45,000 were observed in the sphere dipped in methanol. Refractometric sensing with detection sensitivity of 7.7 nm/RIU was demonstrated using a 9 μm diameter(More)