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Data deduplication has been demonstrated to be an effective technique in reducing the total data transferred over the network and the storage space in cloud backup, archiving, and primary storage systems, such as VM (virtual machine) platforms. However, the performance of restore operations from a deduplicated backup can be significantly lower than that(More)
—The market for cloud backup services in the personal computing environment is growing due to large volumes of valuable personal and corporate data being stored on desktops, laptops and smartphones. Source deduplication has become a mainstay of cloud backup that saves network bandwidth and reduces storage space. However, there are two challenges facing(More)
—In personal computing devices that rely on a cloud storage environment for data backup, an imminent challenge facing source deduplication for cloud backup services is the low deduplication efficiency due to a combination of the resource-intensive nature of deduplication and the limited system resources. In this paper, we present ALG-Dedupe, an(More)
—The explosive growth of digital content results in enormous strains on the storage systems in the cloud environment. The data deduplication technology has been demonstrated to be very effective in shortening the backup window and saving the network bandwidth and storage space in cloud backup, archiving and primary storage systems such as VM platforms.(More)
Cloud backup has been an important issue ever since large quantities of valuable data have been stored on the personal computing devices. Data reduction techniques, such as deduplication, delta encoding, and Lempel-Ziv (LZ) compression, performed at the client side before data transfer can help ease cloud backup by saving network bandwidth and reducing(More)
In large distributed storage systems, metadata is usually managed separately by a metadata server cluster. The partitioning of the metadata among the servers is of critical importance for maintaining efficient MDS operation and a desirable load distribution across the cluster. We present a Dynamic Directory Partitioning (DDP) metadata management scheme,(More)