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To improve the correct detection ratio of existing universal detection methods for image steganography, a new universal steganalysis method based on wavelet package transform (WPT) is presented. Firstly, decompose image into three scales through WPT to obtain 85 coefficient subbands together, and extract the multi-order absolute characteristic function(More)
Developing FPGA solutions for streaming applications written in C (or its variants) can benefit greatly from automatic C-to-RTL (C2RTL) synthesis. Yet, the complexity and stringent throughput/cost constraints of such applications are rather challenging for existing C2RTL synthesis tools. This paper considers automatic partition and block-level(More)
This paper presents an energy/bandwidth efficient frequency-domain OOK (F-OOK) transceiver for short-range communications. The transmitter performs the F-OOK modulation using a PLL based high-point modulator and a constant-envelope PA for low power consumption. The receiver consists of a sliding-IF RF front end and an 8-bit dual-channel ADC. A digital(More)
BACKGROUND In spite of considerable advancements in our understanding of the different factors involved in achieving vocabulary-learning success, the overall pattern and interrelationships of critical factors involved in L2 vocabulary learning - particularly, the mechanisms through which learners regulate their motivation and learning strategies - remain(More)
Developing circuits for streaming applications written in C (or its variants) can benefit greatly from C-to-RTL (C2RTL) synthesis. Yet, most existing C2RTL tools lack system-level options to trade off various design constraints, such as delay and area. This article introduces a systematic way to accomplish C2RTL synthesis for streaming applications(More)