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A compact color descriptor and an efficient indexing method for this descriptor are presented. The target application is similarity retrieval in large image databases using color. Colors in a given region are clustered into a small number of representative colors. The feature descriptor consists of the representative colors and their percentages in the(More)
Peer group image processing identifies a "peer group" for each pixel and then replaces the pixel intensity with the average over the peer group. Two parameters provide direct control over which image features are selectively enhanced: area (number of pixels in the feature) and window diameter (window size needed to enclose the feature). A discussion is(More)
Currently there are quite a few image retrieval systems that use color and texture as features to search images. However, by using global features these methods retrieve results that often do not make much perceptual sense. It is necessary to constrain the feature extraction within homogeneous regions, so that the relevant information within these regions(More)
— We present here a prototype video analysis and retrieval system, called NeTra-V, that is being developed to build an object-based video representation for functionalities such as search and retrieval of video objects. A region-based content description scheme using low-level visual descriptors is proposed. In order to obtain regions for local feature(More)