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Using a forward genetics ENU mutagenesis screen for recessive mutations that affect circadian rhythmicity in the mouse, we isolated a long period (approximately 26 hr) circadian mutant named Overtime (Ovtm). Positional cloning and genetic complementation reveal that Ovtm is encoded by the F-box protein FBXL3, a component of the SKP1-CUL1-F-box-protein (SCF)(More)
In situ hybridization was performed with Fbxl3 probe on brains from WT mice killed at ZT 12. Left panel: antisense probe. Right panel: sense probe. (B) Circadian rhythm of Cry1 and Per2 expression in WT and Ovtm mice in the SCN. The expression of Cry1 and Per2 are both significantly reduced in the SCN. Mice were maintained in constant darkness for two weeks(More)
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