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Skyline computation is widely used in multicriteria decision making. As research in uncertain databases draws increasing attention, skyline queries with uncertain data have also been studied. Some earlier work focused on probabilistic skylines with a given threshold; Atallah and Qi [2009] studied the problem to compute skyline probabilities for all(More)
We give efficient protocols for secure and private k-nearest neighbor (k-NN) search, when the data is distributed between two parties who want to cooperatively compute the answers without revealing to each other their private data. Our protocol for the single-step k-NN search is provably secure and has linear computation and communication complexity.(More)
The probabilistic threshold query (PTQ) is one of the most common queries in uncertain databases, where all results satisfying the query with probabilities that meet the threshold requirement are returned. PTQ is used widely in nearest-neighbor queries, range queries, ranking queries, etc. In this paper, we investigate the general PTQ for arbitrary SQL(More)
Data uncertainty is inherent in many applications, including sensor networks, scientific data management, data integration, locationbased applications, etc. One of common queries for uncertain data is the probabilistic nearest neighbor (PNN) query that returns all uncertain objects with non-zero probabilities to be NN. In this paper we study the PNN query(More)
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