Yinhua Zhou

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The utilitarian view in China's technology development and along with following technology determinism, as some scholars pointed out which were dangerous obstacles for China's development in scientific and technological fields in last two centuries. The objective of this article is to emphasize the importance of social and economic factors within the modern(More)
Based on the beer game experiment, this paper aimed to investigate the impact of demand forecasting, order batching and shortage gaming on the supply chain, which involves retailers, distributors and manufacturers being subject to the bullwhip effect. Relational analysis based on the grey system theory is employed to measure the impacts on causes of the(More)
The agglomeration economy which is represented by so called industrial cluster, plays a critical role in China's regional economic development. The objective of this article is to explore the technology spillover mechanism to analyze the ways through which technology or technological knowledge spilled over from advanced technology holder to recipient(More)
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